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The Get It! Team

Our Experience Includes


With a combined experience online of over 50 years, we have done it all.

Get It! is a team a team of amazing people who specialize in graphics design, web development, database integration, community building and development, CRM, testing, data entry, PR, custom programming, SEO specialists and more – everyone we will need to bring your project to completion within a scheduled time frame and on budget.

We have built over 300 CMS-based websites, and over 150 non-CMS websites.

CMS = Content Management System
A content Managaement System is a databas-driven website that allows a non-technical user to update and manage a website without learning complex coding languages.

Our work is featured on marketing firm sites across the web, as we work with companies around the world, to provide additional support and services on a per-project basic.

Our Guarantee

We Get It! On Time. On Budget.

guaranteeHere's the thing... Working online is really only fun when things get done. And getting things done is our passion, second only to having fun.

We know it can be hard to keep on schedule. We have enough experience in our own lives and working with cleients to know that things sometimes go awry.

Our guarantee is simple:

You'll love what we do. We'll stay on schedule. We'll stay on budget.

We'll talk about what you love (and what you don't, so we can fix it) every week. We never go more than 20% overtime. What we quote you for your project is what you pay. Period. If we make a mistake and it takes longer or costs more for us, that's our crow to eat.

And, we ask for one simple guarantee from you:

You get us the content and answers we need.

Yeah, we know that sounds pretty obvious, but it needs to be said. You see, we build websites, drive social traffic and create SEO-loving machines. We don't run your business. If we need photos, we can't take them. We rely on you for that.

If we don't get the stuff we ask for, we get behind. And that kind of delay isn't included in our guarantee, because that's all on you. So, that's the guarantee we ask from you, that you are as interested in getting your website done as we are.


Yeah, we think so, too.


Meet Us!

The faces that go with the accomplishments:


Can you guess which of these friendly faces is a real rocket scientist? Which one created a trending tweet on behalf of a client WITHOUT having been paid for it? Which is a certified numerologist? Or which dropped out of high school and joined the carnival?

Whichever you think, all of us love working online, teaching people and business to 'Get It!' online, and having fun!


  • How long does it take to get a website designed?

    The answer to that depends on size of your web site, the complexity of the design, and custom coding. The longer the list of needs, the longer it will take to get everything perfect, of course. However, we've built sites in as few as three days ov…

  • What’s the difference between web design and web development?

    Web design is the process of making a website look good. Web development gets down into the code. But what matters is that we do both. We not only make great looking sites, we build custom code and modify code for our clients. When building a webs…

  • Do you use templates?

    Yes. But we don't only use templates. You see, there is a big difference between a site made with pre-made template, and a totally customized template. We go through your site page-by-page, tag-by-tag, and make sure that every singe bit looks like it…

  • Do you do only new sites, or do you also do site makeovers?

    Heck, we LOVE doing site makeovers AND new sites! Both are fun. Starting from scratch is wonderful, because we get to design a concept from scratch. Upgrading and making over an existing site is usually a little less work (because you have your co…

  • Why don’t you like to do flash sites?

    We do! We've done quite a few in the past. Thing is, they are not search engine friendly, and many mobile devives (some android, iPhone, iPad). Even better, we can get movement and interest with alternate code. Just take a look at our home page.…

  • Why don't I see a website example for X industry?

    Maybe it didn't make the cut. After all, we only chose the top 100 projects or so to feature on our site! *smiles* No matter your industry, we can probably create an amazing site you, because you are providing the content for the site. We know how…

Web Packages

Websites starting at $750

Do It Yourself Website: We create a custom template, do your installations, and train you every other week for 3 months to use and update your site. $750

Basic Website: Informational website, includes custom template, installations, content entry, on-site SEO managment in place, and more. $1250

Commmunity or Shopping Site: Includes all of the above, plus an on-site social network or shopping cart, Our Basic Local SEO package for 3 months after launch, and more. $1800

SM Packages

Social Media from $500/mo.

Do It Yourself: 6 weeks of training, consultation and planning. 1 hour per week We'll teach you to do Social Media RIGHT. $500/mo.

Full Service, 1 Account: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social account. Includes full management, research, images creation, and weekly consultation. $1000/mo.

Full Service, 3 Accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Includes full management, research, images creation, integration and coordination and weekly consultation. $2500/mo.

SEO Packages

SEO from $100/mo.

Basic Local: Climb up Google's local listings for ten keywords and a 50-mile radius. Includes 600 pageviews. You provide copy and template. $100/mo.

5 Additional Keywords: $50/mo.
2nd Metro Area: $50/mo.
Add Pageviews: 12¢ each
Keyword Reaserch: $75
Template Design: $250

Basic National: Ten Keywords, national coverage. Includes 1500 pageviews. We create copy and template. $700/mo.

*Ask us why only HUMAN pageviews count!